Imagine Innovate Inspire


Mission Statement

“To be a catalyst for Research & New Product Development, and an authentic and reformative Techno-Business Solution partner for businesses across verticals; and provide timely, sensible, cost-effective solutions, meeting customer expectations for mutual reward and strategic gains." 


  • Grow the value of RovvoR every year
  • Unleash the collective knowledge potential
  • Achieve global stature by promoting sensible, utile, and futuristic products
  • Expand operations globally, through sensible and select Partners
  • Build strategic relation by helping customers win in their market place
  • Positively impact the society at large
  • Be rooted in Ritchie values - Integrity, Passion, Esteem, Enjoyable, Kind, Achievement (I PEEK ACHIEVEMENT)

Business Strategy

To realize our vision and mission, we continue to follow our simple Value & Function-pronged strategy aimed at accelerating growth and becoming the global technology solution entity of choice.

Value Creation areas - Function-wise

  • Business Development Function - Cost, Quality, Reliability, Speed, Flexibility
  • R&D and Product Function - Innovation, Product Development, Promotion, Support, globalization
  • Organ Function - Socialization, Business Assimilation, Stature
  • Knowledge society Function - Communication, Social Networking, Knowledge Building
  • Entrepreneur Development – Training & Mentoring, Consulting