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Srikanth Talari




Chief Administrative Officer



Designated as Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), Srikanth would typically work with other top-level executives, and will take care of budgets, handle hiring and contracting decisions, coordinate activities between departments, develop policies and delegate responsibilities among Senior Management. 

Over 15 years of success in Retail, Finance Services, and Professional services organizations; developing and leading global initiatives that increase sales, reduce costs, improve productivity and improve internal/external customer satisfaction.

He has run finance business successfully for over a decade, and supported many startups till date. Also been part of couple of growing global ventures, and his background includes progressive operations management and business transformation roles, where he is involved regularly in the organization’s most critical initiatives. 

He is particularly strong in analyzing needs and issues, building the structure, communicating the approach, and mobilizing teams in implementing solutions that deliver strong business results. 

Srikanth is also skilled in defining strategy, establishing, introducing, and driving the adoption of standardized processes, models, tools, and best practices that have increased operational effectiveness, improved productivity, mitigated risk, and strengthened top and bottom line financial performance. 

* Operations Management, Optimization & Business Transformation 
* Team Recruiting, Development & Leadership Best Practices
* Action Management & Do Leadership
* Process & People Integration

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                                                               CEO                                        CMO                                         CIO                                        COO                                   CVO


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