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Chief Executive Officer

           Ruth Kiranmayi

An Alumni of Andhra University, being in the Indian Engineering industry for the past 18 years and carried challenging executions on Firmware, Airborne SW, OS Migrations & Driver Development and RTOS(WinCE & Linux,Python,Raspbian etc.,) , AI, Machine Learning, Robotics, Bigdata etc., Extensive experience in Embedded Technologies & IoT supported many CMM5 Organizations in vital engineering roles. Have managed development teams and IT operations using exceptionally diverse array of programming languages, server-side and client- side scripting, application and web servers, RDBMS, web content management systems, modeling tools, version control systems, development tools, image manipulation and production software, and operating systems.


  1. Rich experience in Research, Development, Testing and Project Management in Embedded Systems, Cloud Computing, IOT, Security Testing and Mobile Technologies.
  2. Domain Expertise in Aerospace, Telecom, Automotive, Biometrics, RFID, Renewable Energy and wirelssTechnologies.
  3. PMP Trained & Efficient in Project Management, Team Management and meeting delivery lines.
  4. Proficient in Embedded Avionics testing and DO-178B,V&V of Airborne, Automotive SW. 
  5. Proficient in programming using C, C++, C#,ASP.NET,SQLite,PYTHON,Embedded C,Data Management Components
  6. Expertise in SDK Development, Migration of OS, Messaging & Integration Components.
  7. Developing solutions using RF based short range wireless technologies like 6LoWPAN, Blue Tooth Low Energy - BLE, ZigBee,GSM,GPRS,MQTT etc.,
  8. Extensive working on Sensors like accelerometers, gyrometers, heart beat and others linked to wearables, home automation, security
  9. Research on latest technologies and standards in IoT space like google thread, AllJoyn, MQTT, CoAP and build POCs
  10. Experience in all Communication & Networking protocols like RS-232, I2C and CAN and TCP/IP, HTTP, XML, SOAP, SIP, VOIP.
  11. Expert in Device Driver,Socket,Linux programming.
  12. Experience Linux internals and RTOS (WinCE), FREE RTOS etc.,
  13. Extensive Experience in corporate training on Embedded Technologies, IOT, DO-178B,RTRT, SOLAR Technologies.
  14. System level design and architecture experience
  15. Extensive experience with ARM Cortex Processors Texas Instruments, & STMicroelectronics, MSP430, Microchip or comparable micro-controller experience
  16. Experience with embedded Kernels/RTOS, Experience with sensors or sensor sampling, such as accelerometers and many other..
  17. Experience designing and implementing APIs and understanding of algorithm and data structure fundamentals, Full Stack Development.
  18. Experience with USB, Ethernet and other communications protocol
  19. Design, implementation, integration and system testing of embedded/DSP firmware within wireless communication systems.
  20. Stong experience in full life-cycle of design (SDLC), development, modification, testing, debugging, and support for new as well as existing firmware for all Digital Media products.
  21. Hands-on experience in semi conductor, Digital and Analog Design.

Public Profile:


 SRIRAM SATULURI                  



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