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Ritchie is a "Value Creation Consultant" for small to medium-sized businesses. Do you need help to address a nagging problem in your business? Ritchie provides solutions to your financial, operational, and management issues.

More than an organization, Ritchie is an Institution of knowledge. Ritchie has partnered and networked with Academic Institutions, Research Institutions, Business houses, Regulatory bodies (across Industries and domains), Independent Researchers, Scholars, Scientists, Technologists across Asia to assist its clients on Consulting Services across Industries and Domains.

Management Consulting

We do an executive-level management consulting for small to medium-sized businesses that need to improve their operations, personnel and bottom line.

What can we do?

Ritchie can help a small to medium-sized business to:

  • Set business strategy and refocus management of resources and opportunities;
  • Change its organizational culture and operating philosophy;
  • Identify needs and hire replacement personnel at all levels;
  • Design and implement incentive compensation and employee retention plans;
  • Design and implement a marketing and sales program;
  • Streamline operational procedures and train staff on more efficient and effective work habits;
  • Setup or restructure accounting and financial reporting functions;
  • Value the business for a buyer or seller;
  • Evaluate potential merger or acquisition opportunities, provide creative deal structures, deal terms and execution strategies for those transactions, or
  • Raise debt or equity capital to fund the growth of the business.

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Information Technology Consulting

Ritchie provides IT Consulting services to assist clients with their continually-changing IT environments. Ritchie provides Information technology (IT) consulting that focuses on providing businesses with the tools necessary to best leverage information technology. In addition to providing experience and advice, the IT consultant will often implement, deploy, and administer IT systems on behalf of the company.

We assist our clients in:-

  • Improving on the efficacy and efficiency of IT environments by adopting re-useable software platforms.
  • Designing platform-based solutions, based on business and technology problems.
  • Plan and implement the cost effective IT initiatives
  • Significantly reducing production cost, by Leveraging offshore development teams to accelerate prototype creation, Documentation, Mapping etc.
  • Enabling business sponsors to use fully-functional prototypes to evaluate merits of new products, services or solutions.

IT Strategy :-

Through IT strategy and roadmap services, we help our clients to align the IT roadmap to their business priorities. It facilitates identification of current strengths and improvement areas in various disciplines such as strategic alignment, governance, and IT maturity. The gap identification with respect to the targeted maturity level based on this assessment leads to IT strategy definition and roadmap recommendations. This approach helps develop a structured and well defined action plan. The end deliverables are a clear assessment report and a well defined and actionable set of recommendations.

Our IT strategy and roadmap services are designed to:

  • Create a roadmap to improve infrastructure
  • Provide an overview of your current IT system
  • Identify weaknesses and opportunities
  • Align IT systems with business goals
  • Define an implementation approach
  • Create efficiencies and improve bottom lines

IT Governance:

Ritchie's IT governance approach offers optimal value to the enterprise on a continued basis and provides a comprehensive, repeatable, and predictable business process for the development, adoption, and continual improvement that delivers real value to our clients. Our IT governance model helps businesses to adopt effective IT governance strategies that will help them control, comply and align IT with business priorities by providing right set of processes, concepts, activities, artifacts, roles, and robust business process.

We offer a full spectrum of IT governance services that accelerate project, program, and portfolio management transformations. Our IT governance services include:

  • Assessment services - Evaluating current IT Governance framework, maturity assessment and transformational roadmap creation
  • Framework definition - Defining IT governance framework and processes, in line with client requirements and industry frameworks
  • Implementation services - Implementing IT Governance processes
  • Program Management Office (PMO) - Planning, governance, set-up and process design
  • Program governance services
  • Change management services

Ritchie Advantage:

  • Be a value addition partner and more of a solution consultant, than mere service provider
  • Results oriented. Enables business transformation and delivers sustainable results
  • We suggest the best possible alternate of software and hardware available in the industry and implement the same.
  • Ensures seamless coordination across strategy, impeccable technology implementation and future-proof solutions
  • Incorporates industry best practices and help clients across the value chain with our benefits-driven, integrated approach that delivers sustainable results
  • Delivers high quality and cutting-edge consulting services that are innovative and in synch with industry best practices
  • Transparent work culture
  • Combines deep domain expertise and strategy capabilities to cover the entire range of technology capabilities—from developing an IT strategy to solutions for optimizing the IT infrastructure and applications

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Government Consulting

Government consulting is a diverse form of consultation. Firms that offer these types of consultation services are often highly specialized and focused. Ritchie has taken this initiative to support government bodies through its consulting services. Ritchie feels that the consulting required by governments is far more elaborate than the consulting demanded in the business sector. So, Ritchie has specially designed and provides the highly specialized and focused consulting services to its Government bodies and representatives, through its vast network of highly qualified professionals, Industry experts, economists and technologists.

Ritchie Provides Consulting services to Government on:

  • Security Products, Services and Solutions
  • Information Technology Services  
  • Industry specific product offerings, services & solution offerings
  • Research & Development Services
  • New Product Development Services 
  • Market Research & Data Analysis

Are you curious to know, how Ritchie can add value to your Business, through its Expert Consulting Services? Please get in touch with us right away -