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About Us

Ritchie Technocrats (RovvoR) was started with a noble thought to promote Innovations & New Product development. We are the fast growing IoT startup head quartered in India and having offices at NYC, USA. An ISO 9001:2008 & NASSCOM Certified Product Development Company, one of the major design & manufacturing companies in the Industrial Computer & Embedded field. We majorly focus on R&D, Product Engineering, Consulting and Corporate Training.

Our Offerings

0) Internet of Things (IoT) – Smart Agriculture || Smart Cities || Smart Meters & Grid || Smart Lighting

1) Embedded Systems – We have in-depth domain knowledge and expertise in the entire embedded systems space, ranging from concept to product launch. The offerings broadly include: - System engineering - Hardware engineering - Software engineering - Verification and validation - Value engineering

2) Biometric Systems – No biometric system is “off-the-shelf” or “plug-and-play”, and no two are exactly alike. Ritchie understands this and it is reflected in the ease and speed with which our products can be configured and customized to enable solutions that provide advanced project-specific functionality.

3) Security – We offer the complete security solutions, sustaining with hardware solutions, software solutions, Accessories, Technical Specifications system installation, system maintenance, Comprehensive Reporting.

4) Government – Relations, Liaising, Consulting & Negotiations.

5) Solar Development – Consulting, Getting permissions from government & civic bodies, Licenses, Power Purchase Agreements, Negotiating with all stakeholders, Land Acquisition, Plant development & Commissioning, Maintenance.

Meeting the arguably too stringent demands of global market , where customers seek perfection in their systems — has honed Ritchie into a company that ceaselessly improves the accuracy, speed and reliability of its world-leading technologies and never rests on its laurels.

6) Smart Infrastructure & Smart Cities - Program Management and Outsourcing



Ritchie is associated with a variety of highly qualified contract partners, to make sure that all necessary skills are available to ensure success upon delivery.

To get a flavor of what you can expect us to do for you, in your ambition to grow in new business areas, expand and speed up your innovation and sales cycle we:

  • Introduce new and innovative product concepts (Owned or Licensed)
  • Manage and/or assist with to-market processes (Cutting the red tape)
  • Expand opportunities (Leveraging our network)
  • Match innovations to markets (Making them relevant to customers and consumers)
  • Entrepreneur development (Training & Mentoring)

Contact us right away for the best service and solution offerings. We are eager to listen to your business needs/ concerns, and add the best value.